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August 8th 1:52 AM
I’m sorry baby I know I woke you up most nights from crying too loudly, and I know I drink a lot and zone out but I love you so fucking much, I can’t function without you here. I need you, fuck come home.
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August 9th 3:57 AM
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August 10th 5:23 PM
I’m at our favorite place please come meet me. I can’t stand not seeing you. I can’t breathe this is killing me. I fucking love you.
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August 11th. 4:39 AM
I’m on my third glass of whiskey, and I can’t find the other bottles did you seriously hide them from me? Fuck you I hate you.

August 11th 4:47 AM
I’m so sorry baby, baby I love you I didn’t mean that please come home I love you fuck I know I’m messed up but I can’t fix this without you please.
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August 12th 2:03 AM
I found your bottle of sleeping pills maybe I’ll take one, or ten, or the bottle not like it’ll matter. You don’t love me anymore.
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Six messages you sent me that broke my heart. I’m sorry I didn’t reply. (via jessielou24)


11:30 AM
I’m hopeless without you. You made me complete. You left me almost a full day ago. You promised you’d love me until the world is nonexistent and the memory of humanity has faded. So I’ll wait until you get back because a promise is a promise, right?

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12:05 AM
I miss you so much. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I’m sorry about but I am and all I know is that I need you back. I need you to be mine again. What did I do wrong?

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12:46 AM
I just wanted to let you know that I drank six shots of vodka to try and take away the pain and it burned my throat but nothing will burn as much as those words you said to me twenty-four hours ago. They are still fresh wounds and I will always have the scars.

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1:38 AM
Why the fuck am I saying sorry? You’re the one who ripped my heart out of my chest. You’re the one who poured gasoline all over me and threw a match at my helpless body and watched me burn. You’re the reason why I’m sitting here, drunk, at 1:40 in the morning crying my eyes out trying to ease the pain.

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2:35 AM
You’re the one who should be on your knees begging for my forgiveness.

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6:30 AM
I am so sorry. Please answer me.



Six text messages I sent you that godawful night (via midnightterror)


Text message that I’ll never have the guts to send

Fuck this morning

Some white ass at Walmart ;)
*likes the porn gif u reblogged to let u know i am down*

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